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2015 – 2016 Team Placement

If you child is listed as a crossover (indicated with **), please contact Julie or Derrick to discuss.  Being a crossover is strictly optional for your child; their primary team will be their “age appropriate” team, first.

Tiny 1









Youth 2

Terry M.

Kaci C.

Kali M.

Emily R.

Karla C.

Carley Y.

Kloe R.

Keegan R.

Dahlia S.**

Brooklyn F.

Macy L.

Hannah M.

Summer M.

Angie H.

Kayla B.**

Youth 3

Madison S.

Izzy H.

Riley S.

Ariana R.

Kiara L.

Danica S.

Heather A.

Hannah W.

Kayla B.

K’Anna S.

Jaylnn P.

Cadence J.

Molly B.

Morgan H.

Addyson R.

Kimmie W.

Dahlia S.

Junior 3

Vega S.

Mackenzie K.

Ashleigh J.

Taylor M.

Emma P.

Sheridan B.

Taegan B.

Savannah S.

Aubrey M.

Hailey B.

Sarah W.

Izzy H. **

Madison S. **

Heather A. **

Danica S. **

Riley S. **

K’Anna S. **

Jaylnn P. **

Hannah W. **

Tommi C.

Senior 5 Restricted

Heaven L.

Cameron G.

Jordan W.

Katie S.

Madie L.

Cassi F.

Katie H.

Allison G.

Staci S.

Abby R.

Alivia L.

Taylor M. **

Aubrey M. **

Sarah W. **

Hunter H.

Sam (Jarboe)

Gabe N.

*Mason T.

*Nate K.

Try-outs for the 2015-2016 season are Saturday, May 9 at 10:00 AM.  Cost is $30.00 (CASH or CHECK ONLY)!  

Download the following documents:

1.  Athlete Application 
2.  Athlete Skills Evaluation - You must attach a photo of your child to this form

Both forms are to be completed by a parent/guardian.  I will be in the office Tuesday - Thursday from 5:30-9:00 PM.  You can register during those hours or on Saturday prior to 10:00 AM.  I will also have forms at the front desk and in my office.  Just remember, you must have a photo of your child attached to the evaluation form and payment before your registration will be accepted.

We hope to see everyone on Saturday!  There are great and exciting things happening this upcoming season!  Please share this information with any friends or family members interested in trying out for the 2015-2016 season!

Royal Cheer Xtreme in New Albany Indiana offers all levels of competitive All Star cheerleading teams, as well as performing teams, tumbling classes and private tumbling instruction. With the help and guidance of experienced coaches and instructors your athlete will become a confident winner both on and off the floor!


  • 2013 Cheerleading World's Bid Winners and World's Finalists Senior Level 5 Fierce
  • 2013 US Finals Final Destination Bid Winner & US Finals Final Spirit Ranking #7 in the Nation Junior Level 3 Bling
  • 2013 US Finals Final Destination Bid Winner & US Finals Final Spirit Ranking #2 in the Nation Youth Level 3 Sprakle
  • 2013 Jamfest Supernational Champions Junior  Level 3 Bling
  • 2014 Jamfest National Champions Mini Level 2 Glitz
  • 2014 Jamfest Supernational Champions Junior 3 Bling
  • 2014 Varsity Summit Bid Winners Junior 3 Bling
  • 2014 Varsity Last Pass Best Tumbling Junior 3 Bling
  • Multiple Spirt Awards, Sportsmanship Awards, Best Tumbling Awards, Best Choreogrpahy Awards throughout the seasons by all squads:

Senior 5 Restricted Fierce

Senior 2 Glamour

Junior 3 Bling

Mini 2 Glitz

Mini 1 Glitter

Royal Cheer Xtreme   300 Foundation Blvd.  New Albany, Indiana  47150   (812) 944-RCX1